SafeLogin gives you the best in web security without you needing to install endless plugins and other buggy applications that can open doors to more trouble, bugs and malware. SafeLogin is simple, easy and fast to implement and use.

SafeApp WordPress Security App
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SafeLogin’s Features

Secure Admin Login Protection

SafeLogin uses a custom administrator’s login page, more secured. That makes hacker’s life much much harder and your website security stronger.

Strong Code Based Authentication

SafeLogin’s strong code based authentication will handle most if not all your password strength issues. You do not have to worry about common or weak passwords that can let hackers brute-force your WordPress website.

FREE Mobile Apps

Safe Login WordPress plugin comes with FREE mobile utility apps available in iTunes Store and Google Play Store.

Premium Support

Our premium support services include a fast response time with up to 3 (three) hours in most cases.

Unique Login Protection

SafeLogin WordPress is designed to work with virtually any WordPress self-hosted platform. SafeLogin will handle the most important aspect of your website’s security – its login.

Basically, SafeLogin will block any attempt to login for any user with administrator role, using the default /wp-login.php entrance. It will offer a separate, more secured and reliable way for an admin to login into the website. On that specific page, SafeLogin will require only a secure 6 to 8 digits code in order to login to the backend of your WordPress. A secure code is generated by SafeLogin mobile app every 45 seconds.

  • single code login credential
  • no need to remember usernames
  • no need to remember passwords
  • no need for complex passwords
  • 45 seconds code expiry
  • custom and secure login page