The Ultimate WordPress Security Suite

A must-have WordPress plugin! SafeLogin covers various one of the vital security aspect for your website – the WordPress back-end security and protection. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your WordPress site is better protected with SafeLogin.

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*Premium plugin for WordPress v4.x
**FREE mobile apps for iOS and Android

WordPress Security Suite
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Take your website security to a whole new level with WordPress SafeLogin!

WordPress Premium Plugin

SafeLogin is an outstanding WordPress Premium Plugin, easy to configure, use and maintain. In fact it is build with WordPress simplicity in mind and it can be described as a “Set it and Forget it!” plugin with user in mind.

Premium Security Tool

SafeLogin’s main feature feature, the authentication module, will secure your admin logins with a custom login page and a strong code base authentication without any need for usernames and complex passwords.

Free Mobile Apps

SafeLogin mobile applications come with the same easy to use concept. The mobile apps can handle virtually unlimited profiles so you can manage all your admin logins from one place only. Available for iOS and Android.

WordPress Security Suite

SafeLogin is built by experts in WordPress security. It covers the most vital security aspects and all you have to do is to “Click and Protect” your site. Its that simple. With one click, your site becomes safe and secured giving you peace of mind.

You’re running an online store, a company website or a blog?
Allow SafeLogin to do its work so you can do yours! Set it and forget it!

Safe Login for Wordpress - Premium Security Plugin

WordPress SafeLogin

SafeLogin gives you the opportunity to deal with your business without having to worry about protecting your business. Let us take care of that for you! We provide state of the art technology concealing any entrance to your site from any and all unwanted visitors! SafeLogin comes with free updates and free premium support.

Extensive Free Updates

Having a valid and active license entitles you to get free updates for as long as you keep it valid.

Best Premium Support

Our premium support services include a pretty fast response time with up to 3 (three) hours in most cases.

Open to suggestions

We are always listening to our costumers and do our best to serve them. If you have any enquiry please drop us a line.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your WordPress site is better protected with SafeLogin. Discover which edition will suit your security needs.